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8/29/2015 5:56:33 PM

April Fools

Does anyone else enjoy the climax of this episode as much as I do? My paraphrase:
Col Tucker: Pierce, Pierce, just one thing...
Hawkeye: Yeah, what is it?
Col Tucker: April Fool!
Hawkeye: Wha??
Cols Tucker and Potter bust out laughing.

This is the only time I remember, Col Potter pulling a prank on anyone during his tenure. And I don't recall any time him laughing that hard without being drunk. I suppose when you are in charge you can't really be "one of the guys."


9/9/2015 1:41:00 AM

Love that episode.

not only due to the fact that Potter really got everyone, including Klinger, it was the fact no-one had even the slightest clue at all that the jig was up.

I also agree with your statement about how you can't be "just one of the boys", which is why I'm much more of a fan of Potter over Henry.


9/9/2015 5:36:21 PM

The first time I saw this episode, I must admit even I was fooled, which made the payoff all the better!

Potter did pull a prank on the investigator involving Klinger's goat. Potter poured molasses over that guy's report so the goat would eat it.

He did outsmart Klinger on more than one occasion as well. Once when he granted a discharge for his invisible camel, Habibi. Another time when Klinger was acting like a civilian, and Potter very nonchalantly asked "Rank...", and Klinger replied "Corporal", then Potter went "Ah HA!!!" Priceless! So old Sherm had a trick or two up his brassy sleeves too!



9/11/2015 2:03:50 AM

Yes, Klinger met his match in Col. Potter, starting with their very first meeting.
Col. Potter displayed great wisdom. He kept his head (most of the time), and dealt with all those he commanded quite well. I think he would be an interesting subject for a paper in a management class. Maybe I'll start a thread on the wisdom of Col Potter (if it hasn't already been done).



1/9/2018 10:56:44 AM

Sorry to dig up an old thread

but I stayed up past my bedtime to catch this episode on WGN. One of my favorites, even in the BJ-mustachioed, self-righteous, no-Radar, Margaret-is-a-nice-person era of MASH.

If you don't like it, then we'll have to "step outside for a four-letter word!" :)


1/21/2018 3:27:07 PM

I've always appreciated how convincing Tucker was while they were pulling the prank. Some superb acting, both in-universe and on a meta level; he really pushes the buttons of the 4077, and the audience. In hindsight, it's an obvious twist, but the first time you see the episode, you get caught up in it. Very satisfying.

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