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1/26/2014 12:23:15 AM

"Dear John Letter"

(This episode is similar to ones where characters write home, and the letter is voiced over by the character himself)...

(Hawkeye is seen in the Swamp, sipping a martini and writing).

Hawkeye - Dear John. I know we never called each other by our real first names, but considering how you left here without so much as a note, and considering you left here well over a year ago, I figure what's in a name?

Not that it probably matters to you, but a lot has changed here since you were discharged. As you know, after Henry left and was killed, Frank was C.O. of this rat and lice infested hellhole. Seems only fitting for Frank. Fortunately, not too much later, we received a new C.O., a regular army colonel with a lot of hash marks. We were none too thrilled about his arrival. Frank especially took it badly, since he lost command.

Sherman Potter is the C.O. here now at the 4077th. He's quite an "irregular" regular army type.

(Flashback scene)

Potter - My friends call me "Stud". We had a still on Guam. One night it blew up! That's how I got my Purple Heart.

Hawkeye - (Laughter)

Potter - But keep that under your hat Hawkeye!

Hawkeye - Consider it under Colonel!

(to be continued)

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