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PPC Pipin

6/13/2013 10:23:07 PM

Tommy Joe Ratliff

Okay, I know this is way off topic, but anyone else a HUGE fan of Adam Lambert? Well, Tommy Joe Ratliff, the lead guitarist, happens to love M*A*S*H. Got some cute quotes from him.

*lying on couch, beer in hand, with his friend Monte Pittman, interview*

Monte Pittman: "He's also a big M*A*S*H fan."

Tommy Joe: "Oh yeah, I just love M*A*S*H. I've watched it ever since I was a kid. Like 12. And now I'm 32. The shows been around forever. They don't make shows like that anymore."

Interviewer: "Do you have a favorite character."

Tommy Joe: "Oh yeah, Hawkeye. I always liked him. He was like my idol when I was a kid, ya know."

How cool is that? For anyone who loves Tommy Joe Ratliff, thats cool. The interviews on his Twitter. Check it out if you like.

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