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11/12/2012 3:39:40 PM


I must stop watching that weather channel...keeps me upset. I was worried about y'll being in that awful storm on the east coast, now I'm worried about BDOR getting shaken up in an earthquake and this morning, I'm worried about Curtis being cold.

Miss Ginger

Big Daddy O'Reilly

11/12/2012 4:46:24 PM

The earthquake was Saturday morning actually, but no need to worry, it wasn't anything serious... just on the wobbley side for a few seconds, like if the room suddenly turned to jell-o and started wobbling involuntarily.

But I've been really displeased with the weather in general as of late: for the past three days, we've been having unseasonably warm weather, I had already put up my short-sleeved shirts and shorts for the season, and I've been having to dig them back out because we've jumped up into the 70s... in November... in FALL.

I also don't like the fact that Weather Channel has projected yet another warm fall and winter for us again this year, that REALLY ticks me off: considering how hot and humid our climate usually is, I look forward to that brief time of year during fall and winter, when the weather is otherwise. Last year (2011-2012), we practically had no winter whatsoever, and to learn that we're going to have a repeat of that again this season makes me wanna curse Mother Nature since she clearly hates southerns.

Zelmo Zale

11/14/2012 4:19:48 AM

Oh, I don't know. I've been a Southerner for 9 months now and I am loving this weather. Spring was nice and warm; the summer was cooler than normal; October and November have been absolutely gorgeous in the Panhandle with 70's and 80's and no humidity.

As for The Weather Channel, I've been an avid watcher for over 20 years but I dislike the hype for the big storms and their focus on homemade reality shows. I fear they are going the route of MTV and VH1 where they eliminate their original content and show reality programming 24/7. Soon you won't get any weather news...just endless repeats of Coast Guard Alaska and shows about lifeguards.

We had Tropical Storm Debby bearing down on the Panhandle before it drifted to New Orleans. TWC went 24/7 in storm coverage which was appreciated since I was in the path, but the coverage went on for 2 weeks. Way too much.

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