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Ms. Flagg

7/30/2012 11:58:47 PM

The Olympics

The Olympics are upon us once again and so I thought I'd ask everyone here what they think of them.

What events do you guys watch? I usually just watch whatever's on though so far I've had the pleasure of enjoying some swimming, beach volleyball, ten minutes of waterpolo, table tennis (only a tiny bit more pointless than waterpolo!), and cycling.

Is there anything you think should/shouldn't be in them? I don't much care for table tennis, I find it to be more of a reflex thing than an actual sport. Honestly the only thing they really have to do is hit the ball back and forth and lunge from side to side it's not complicated. I find that it lacks the athletic skill that is usually associated with the olympics. And while I said earlier that I think waterpolo is pointless they do actually move around so atleast it's athletic. I'm also going to say I'd love to see lacrosse in the games someday, it's a very fast growing sport and if they were to just set a basic set of rules for the olympics like they do for the other sports whose rules differ between countries I'm sure it would work out fine.

As for other things olympic related, I painted my nails for the olympics with the rings on the thumb, LO ND ON on the pointer, middle, and ring and then the union jack on the pinky. On my right hand, since theres no way I could repeat my design with my off hand I just painted each nail the color of an olympic ring in order (From pinky to thumb that means blue, yellow, black, green, red).

That's about it for my interest on the games, I'll watch them if I flick to their channel but if there's something on that I'd enjoy more than whatever event was on at the time, then sorry olympics, you're out. :P


8/1/2012 2:01:23 PM

Ms Flagg, I haven't watched any of the games this year. I do read some of the coverage in the newspapers. Your painting your nails like that is a hoot....wish you could post a picture.

Miss Ginger

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